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Games are shipped within 1 week of receiving an order.  (Usually the next day.) 

All shipping for the Garden Competition is done through DHL.  DHL shipping prices are $15 for Continental U.S..  Toccata Games has a warehouse in Germany and a warehouse in Chicago.  Prices for shipping outside of Continental U.S. will be sent to you via Paypal after DHL has sent the shipping price for your package to Toccata Games.


I personally take care of the shipping for the Patrons of Venice through Canada Post.  Patrons of Venice games are produced by hand.  If an order contains a Patrons of Venice game, I will update the paypal amount due with the actual shipping cost after I ship the game at the Post Office.  If you need to get an estimate of Canada Post shipping costs, a Patrons of Venice game weighs 1100 grams. The dimensions of the Patrons of Venice box are 12" x 9" x 2.5".   The Canada Post web site is here: http://www.canadapost.ca