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Toronto, Ontario
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Telephone: 416 576 4096

"I've been creating board games ever since I was a kid.  My friends have been enjoying playing the games I invented, and encouraged me to try to getting my games out to a wider audience.  Toccata Games is my first attempt to do this:  I chose two of my more popular designs, polished them, and hired some help to produce them in mass.

The word "Toccata" is the Italian feminine past participle of toccare meaning "to touch" which is one of the distinguishing features of a board game as a form of entertainment.  The English meaning of "Toccata" is "a virtuoso composition, usually for the organ or another keyboard instrument, in free style with brilliant passagework."  Thus the musical logo.

All games are hand-made in my home with the help of Chris and Mr. Lang (pictured below).  We print out the boards and tiles onto letter-sized label paper using an HP Color LaserJet 2550 printer, and then stick the label paper onto sheets of Peterboro Showcard 1900.  Lastly we cut the tiles and boards out with X-Acto blades and laminate the boards with Avery lamination sheets.  Cards and rule books are printed and cut by a Print shop.  Each game is hand-numbered under the lid before being shipped."

Ken Stevens,
President, Toccata Games


Chris Neufeld

Chris cutting out some weed tiles for the Garden Competition


Mr. Lang cutting out Patrons of Venice Tiles


Ken Stevens with future board gamer Joshua